We have been working hard making the necessary changes to both the dojo and to our registration process to allow better management as outlined in our COVID 19 Safety Plan, which will be available on our website and in the dojo itself.

Secondly, there are a few new “rules” that we as a karate school need to abide by now and such changes include:

• Limiting each class to 10 participants who will remain with each other at the same time/day for a duration (cohort). By creating cohorts, the participants can resume all activity including kumite as long as they remain in the same cohort. Family members will be put together wherever possible due to skill level/age.

• Having a sanitizing station as soon as you walk into the dojo

• Limited washroom access-only for emergencies

• Please bring your own filled water bottle

• Spectators will be allowed outside of the dojo with provided chairs and with a door open for viewing.

• Sensei will be wearing a face covering when teaching classes, participants do not need to.

• Karate BC membership is required to start classes again. Please note that the new year (sept 2020-Aug 2021) has a reduced rate that will be available online around September 7 so please wait until then to re register with them so the lower rate can be applied 🙂 https://www.karatebc.org/annual-membership-fees/

• All registration and payment from now on will take place on zenplanner. This is an app or website that the dojo is using to electronically “check in” for each class.

• All participants will need a password to access this site and please email chitoryu@telus.net and let us know to provide you one.

• We understand that some families are not ready to come back yet and we respect that. Please be assured your membership will stay on hold and no payments will be taken.

Lastly, please be advised that there will be a waiver for all participants to sign upon their first time back in the dojo. There are added guidelines about illness policies and not respecting the rules of the dojo that require everyone to read through and agree to.

If there are any questions/concerns/comments please email or message on Facebook. These are the best ways to reach us.

We can’t wait to see everyone and get back to what we love doing. Stay safe!

Chilliwack Chito-Ryu

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